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marche medieval en Valencia

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Messagede izabela75 » 24 Sep 2008 10:03

une message de Griffin Historical ltd - un amie de moi. Alas, en anglais...


This will be (i think) the biggest gathering of 15th century re-enactors ever by the looks of it, nearly 1500 for a grand cavalcade through the old walls and gates into the central basillica and cathedral then out again.

I'm looking for competent male riders (sorry, no foot people) who have their own soft kit and sallet and breastplate/sundry other bits to portray light cavalry circa 1400-1480's. Female riders fine if in visored helmet.

I am looking for a high standard of kit here, look at to see what we do.

Fly out on 8th- parade on 9th - Fly back on 10th. Nice and simple.

We provide flights, £200 fee for light cavalry, more if full harness, brand new hostel accommodation, lance. Exact food and drink arrangements tba but you will not starve!

If you need to know more, wish to take part, or a just plan curious then drop me a line here or better still mail me on

Or call the Valencia parade hotline (my office...) on 01273 841 793 at any time sensible or not.

Obviously this is pretty close to the time of the event so need to move fast.


Mark Griffin
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